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Orpheus Leadership Institute

Orpheus provides a unique perspective on the practice of leadership that can unlock creativity, agility, and collaboration at your organization.

Orpheus’ contribution goes far beyond the music it creates. Orpheus offers a sustained and thriving example of what is possible for all of us—individually and collectively—when leadership is inclusive rather than exclusive, when team roles are purpose-driven rather than status-driven and rotating rather than fixed, and where everyone is responsible to each other and for the outcome of their collective efforts. This is the Orpheus Process®.

In Orpheus, everyone is a leader. Everyone matters. Everyone is responsible for the whole. And everyone steps into action in a way that is uncommonly respectful and responsive. The result of this approach to leadership and collaboration results in some of the most beautiful and appreciated music in the world.

How can we inspire your team?

Bring the Orpheus Leadership Institute to your organization.

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra co-creates an experience that mirrors the collective leadership behaviors we are engendering in our culture at IBM. Their creative process is a perfect metaphor for the changes driving our transformation as an agile organization.Wagner Denuzzo, Vice President, Leadership and Management Development, IBM

Over the past decade, the Orpheus Orchestra has developed unique transformational learning opportunities for its academic, non-profit, and corporate partners through the Orpheus Leadership Institute. These customized experiential learning programs are designed to give participants an expanded understanding of collaborative leadership and essential tools and skills to co-create and co-lead responses to today’s most pressing challenges.

Our programs are not off-the-shelf solutions, but rather customized transformational leadership and learning experiences created to offer Orpheus’ collaborative leadership experience to individuals, teams and communities. Ranging from several hours to several days, our experiential learning programs offer unique access to learn Orpheus’ ground-breaking collaborative leadership model, the Orpheus Process®, and gain invaluable perspective, skills, and experience that will make new levels of collaboration and leadership possible for all participants. This in-depth teaching and experiential learning is facilitated by Orpheus musicians and facilitators.

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Experiential Learning

Get behind the music and learn to lead like Orpheus.


“Orpheus Chamber Orchestra was extremely amenable, professional and responsive; enabling their experience in collaborative leadership to be shared elegantly with a business audience.” Neil Selby, Director of Custom Programs, IESE Business School “The lessons about agile and collaborative leadership from Orpheus were powerful. Now more than ever businesses should pay special attention to this exceptional orchestra.” John Almandoz, Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations, IESE Business School “Orpheus is famous for a novel approach to management. The result is a sense of ownership that delivers a collective mind and spirit.” Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford