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Orpheus Leadership Institute

Orpheus provides a unique perspective on the practice of leadership that can unlock creativity, agility, and collaboration at your organization.

Unleash your team’s full creative potential

The world renowned Orpheus Chamber Orchestra has been evolving its radically creative and collaborative approach to teamwork for 50 years.

Now we’re sharing our best practices and approaches with leaders and teams that want not only better results, but more fulfilling work experiences.

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Orpheus offers a window into new ways of leading, creating and collaborating that have the potential to transform how and why people work together.

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra co-creates an experience that mirrors the collective leadership behaviors we are engendering in our culture at IBM. Their creative process is a perfect metaphor for the changes driving our transformation as an agile organization.Wagner Denuzzo, Vice President, Leadership and Management Development, IBM

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Innovating the world and sound of classical music

Since 1972, Grammy-award winning Orpheus Chamber Orchestra has traveled the world drawing audiences eager to see and hear us perform.

For classical music lovers Orpheus is known for exceptional performances that give new life to classical pieces. We have produced 70+ albums as an orchestra and in collaboration with world-class soloists.

The magic of Orpheus is not just in our sound, it’s the fact that everything is created and managed collaboratively.

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Carnegie Hall violins credit Fadi Kheir

Orpheus is about the creative potential of many.

Traditionally, orchestras are led by a conductor who decides what they will play, who will play and how they will play.

In Orpheus there’s no single conductor who owns the creativity and leadership.

Every single musician is fully empowered. Everyone owns the artistic vision. Everyone rotates in and out of roles. Everyone is a leader all the time.

Rather than following one person’s direction, the musicians tune into and respond to each other in the moment as they are playing.

A roadmap for creativity in complexity

How does a group of 30+ people, each with their own ideas, consistently innovate and perform in a way that delivers something extraordinary?

Most teams want to do this, but get stuck.

Orpheus spent 50 years evolving a roadmap with systems, practices and skills to make this high level of creative collaboration possible.

Orpheus Leadership Institute trains leaders and teams in the methods that have made it so successful. We share not just our roadmap, but the key philosophies behind it so that you can adapt it to work for you. We focus on what’s most essential for equipping teams with the tools and mindsets they need to collaborate and create in complexity.

Showing teams how to bring out the best of each other

Our trainings focus on the foundational elements of the Orpheus creative method. Your team will learn through a combination of guided observation of Orpheus musicians in a creative session, interactive experiences and QA with the musicians.

All programs are customizable and designed to be delivered virtually or in-person.

Orpheus Foundations

What You’ll Learn

Key Elements


How to iterate dynamically and in a way that includes all voices,
grows ideas and builds alignment.

  • Developing and evolving ideas
  • Giving constructive critiques
  • Using disagreement productively

Listening / Sensing

How to grasp the situation in the present moment and as it evolves
so that you can respond with what’s needed.

  • Paying attention on multiple levels
  • Tracking what is needed by the team in each moment


How to stay connected and responsive to one another while in action.

  • Stepping in and out of roles
  • Leading from the front, behind and side
  • Serving the whole


How to design a collective consciousness that supports individuals
working together and growing their own potential.

  • Setting ground conditions
  • Mentoring new members
  • Rewarding what matters
Violins credit Neda Navaee
The lessons about agile and collaborative leadership from Orpheus were powerful. Now more than ever businesses should pay special attention to this exceptional orchestra.John Almandoz, Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations, IESE Business School

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The Orpheus Leadership Institute was developed in collaboration with Sage Leadership

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