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Orpheus Subscription Ticket Exchanges

Interested in exchanging your existing Orpheus subscription tickets for an upcoming event? 

Here are answers to many frequently asked questions about exchanging tickets for our presentations at Carnegie Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ticket exchange?
A ticket exchange enables you to swap your existing tickets for tickets to a different event.

Who can exchange tickets?
Exchanges are a benefit for Orpheus subscribers. Learn more about how to subscribe.

How can I exchange my tickets? 
To exchange your tickets, please mail your tickets that you would like to exchange back to Orpheus. Along with your tickets, please include:

1. The name and date of the new concert for which you want tickets (specify number of tickets and preferred seating location, along with alternative seating locations in case of limited availability)

2. Your phone number and email address 

    If you are unable to mail your tickets to us, please call (212) 896-1704 or email subscriber@orpheusnyc.org for instructions.

    Where do I mail my tickets? 

    Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
    CC: Nick Johnson
    490 Riverside Drive, 11th floor
    New York, NY 10027-5788

    What are my other concert options?
    Subscribers may exchange subscription tickets for other Orpheus presentations at Carnegie Hall within the same season.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer ticket exchanges for our performances at 92NY.

    Is there an additional fee to exchange tickets?
    There are no fees to exchange subscription tickets. However, ticket prices often vary from concert to concert and according to seat location.

    What if the value of my new tickets differs from the value of my original tickets?
    If your new tickets are of a greater value than those being exchanged, our VIP ticket concierge will contact you to confirm payment details. If the new tickets are of a lesser value, we will contact you to facilitate a refund or add the credit to your Orpheus account.

    Can I exchange my tickets by phone?
    We ask that you present a photograph or scan of your torn tickets by email. For this reason, ticket exchanges cannot be completed by phone.

    What is the deadline to request an exchange?
    To allow time for resale, we request that exchanges be received at least two business days (Monday through Friday) before the event date of the tickets being exchanged.

    Credits on Account

    • Through August 31, 2024 , subscribers have the option to apply existing credits to subscription renewals for the 2024–2025 season or donate their credits to Orpheus. If a subscriber chooses to donate their credit balance to Orpheus, the subscriber will receive written acknowledgment of the amount being transferred. It is recommended that subscribers consult their tax advisors as to the deductibility of any credit transfer.
    • After August 31, 2024, any existing credit balances will be converted into a tax deductible donation to Orpheus.


    We’re here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 212-896-1700 or email subscriber@orpheusnyc.org