The Orpheus Leadership Institute is a customizable engagement program for corporations and educational institutions that shows teams how to maximize their potential.

As the only major orchestra that rehearses, performs, and records without a conductor, the Grammy-award winning Orpheus Chamber Orchestra is highly sought after by businesses as a dynamic model showcasing how to achieve a competitive advantage through collaborative leadership.

“Orpheus Chamber Orchestra was extremely amenable, professional and responsive; enabling their experience in collaborative leadership to be shared elegantly with a business audience.”

Neil Selby, Director of Custom Programs, IESE Business School

“The lessons about agile and collaborative leadership from Orpheus were powerful. Now more than ever businesses should pay special attention to this exceptional orchestra.”

John Almandoz, Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations, IESE Business School


“Orpheus is famous for a novel approach to management. The result is a sense of ownership that delivers a collective mind and spirit.”

— Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford

Programs are available in varying lengths, from single sessions of 2-4 hours to mini-residencies of 2-3 weeks. Activities may include:

Panel Discussion with Orpheus’ elected Artistic Directors

A dynamic presentation identifies the Orpheus Process™, the techniques and commitment required for success, and the benefits and challenges to utilizing a team of leaders rather than a single authority.

Rehearsal Demonstration

A real-time demonstration of an orchestra rehearsal using Orpheus’ collaborative leadership model. Participants observe a working team in action and apply concepts to business situations, with the guidance of musicians.

Guided Discussions

Break-out groups explore, with an Orpheus musician, how collaboration can aid creative problem solving, strategic planning and implementation, and conflict-resolution within teams.

Orpheus has been privileged to collaborate with various corporations, including:


“Orpheus Chamber Orchestra co-creates an experience that mirrors the collective leadership behaviors we are engendering in our culture at IBM. Their creative process is a perfect metaphor for the changes driving our transformation as an agile organization.”  – Wagner Denuzzo, Vice President, Leadership and Management Development, IBM

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“…Musical democracy in its most enlightened form – a true collaboration in which every player can voice his or her own ideas.”

— The Chicago Tribune