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Orpheus rehearsal Sneak a peek at our working rehearsal

RSVP for location details | Upper West Side, NYC

Orpheus Process credit Neda Navaee

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Orpheus Rehearsal

  • Rehearsal order TBD and is subject to change.

  • Perkinson

    Sinfonietta No. 2 (Generations)

  • Copland

    Clarinet Concerto
    Please note: rehearsal is without the soloist.

Orpheus Process credit Neda Navaee

The magic of Orpheus is not just in our sound, it’s the fact that everything is created and managed collaboratively. In Orpheus there’s no single conductor who owns the creativity and leadership. Every single musician is fully empowered. Everyone owns the artistic vision. Everyone rotates in and out of roles. Everyone is a leader all the time. Orpheus supporters are invited to watch the magic unfold at our open rehearsals.

Rehearsal will conclude at 5:30pm, you are welcome to stay for any duration. Please RSVP for location details.