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Orpheus 50th Anniversary Campaign

Looking Forward

Collaborative, Creative, Unique, Inclusive -- these are some of the words used to describe Orpheus.

Subscribing to a collaborative, democratic style is not always easy and comes with its own challenges. Orpheus is standing strong and ready for the decades ahead, launching a 50th Anniversary Campaign to bolster the endowment, continue community engagement programs with a lens of social impact, and enhance finances to remain nimble as an arts organization in an ever-changing financial and social environment. All this so that this amazing orchestra that started with an idea continues to have the resources needed to thrive and perform for our audiences and communities that are at the core of all we do.

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Beyond performing on the world's greatest stages

"Our future may not only be about how we play, or what repertoire we add to the canon. It is about how we ground ourselves in our community, how we cooperate, how we collaborate, how we treat others with respect."

--Alexander Scheirle, Executive Director

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Campaign Funding & Goals

  • Endowment Support | $1,000,000

    A goal is to double the current endowment so that there are funds that support annual operating needs.

  • Innovation Fund | $750,000

    A goal is to have the funds needed for programs that continue to expand Orpheus' reach in the communities where they perform including:

    • Orpheus Reflections brings the healing power of music to those living with Alzheimer's Disease and others forms of dementia and their caregivers. The program is currently offered throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, but we aspire to offer this program in the cities where we tour as a unique opportunity to connect with and deeply impact those communities.
    • Access Orpheus impact thousands of NYC public school students, their families, and educators by sharing Orpheus' collaborative process through workshops and tickets to Carnegie Hall performances.
    • Enhanced work for Orpheus Leadership Institute, which provides a unique perspective on the practice of leadership that can unlock creativity, agility, and collaboration at corporate entities.
  • Board-designated Fund | $500,000

    A goal is to allow great capacity-building projects in order to be nimble with activities to keep Orpheus true to its mission and enhance staffing needs including:

    • Underwriting commissions to support Orpheus' partnership with composers and the creation of new music and reimagined arrangements for chamber orchestra.
    • Support for performances at venues that engage new audiences.
    • Enhance staffing needs, professional development, and infrastructure.
    • Orpheus Music Academy to support Orpheus' investment in the future of classical music through tailored experiences for pre-professional musicians.
    • Orpheus' work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to create and sustain a positive culture on stage and off.

Naming Opportunities

  • Named Funds
    • Name an Orchestra Chair: $50,000
    • Name an Access Orpheus Fund: $50,000+
    • Name an Orpheus Reflections Fund: $50,000+
    • Name an Orpheus Leadership Institute Fund: $50,000+
    • Name a Music Commission Fund: $25,000+
    • Name an Orpheus Music Academy Fund: $25,000+
  • Endowment Funds
    • Endow Access Orpheus: $250,000+
    • Endow Orpheus Reflections: $250,000+
    • Endow an Orchestra Chair: $250,000

See Your Generosity in Action

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